Monday, March 29, 2010

It's fine, the Steelers can afford Bail money....

For all the criticism that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has endured about adding players to his team that have rap sheets bigger than stat sheets, even he has to be laughing at his division rival right now. Not only do the Steelers have to worry about not having Ben Roethlisberger this season due to a sexual assault charge from a 20 year-old college student in Georgia (let us not forget his 2008 rape allegation), but now Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes is being charged with assault by a woman who claims he hit her in the face with a glass and cut her at an Orlando nightclub. And what was the reason behind hitting her, you ask? Because she was sitting on "his couch" in the VIP room of the Club. He then apparently tried to pay her off on the spot so she wouldn't press charges. So much for "making it rain" that night Mr. Holmes. Even though I'm a huge fan of coach Mike Tomlin, ever since Jerome Bettis rode off into the sunset a few years ago, this team is becoming incredibly unlikeable. It doesn't matter if Big Benny or Shitlock Holmes get convicted, their lack of judgement is pathetic. They both have been in trouble before, and We all saw Plaxico Burress blast his groin at a nightclub a few years ago with his own gun, so why not learn from these situations? You're multi-millionaires, so add an extension to your mansions and make your own damn nightclub!! I'm from Pennsylvania, and I can tell you that having millions of dollars can go a long way. You can even hire your own full-time strippers, door dudes & hanger-ons. Bottom line is, Holmes will probably settle in court, but if Shrek Roethlisberger misses any game action, I'll be Charlie Batch's biggest fan

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