Friday, May 21, 2010

Floyd Landis putting the "Dope" in "Blood-Doping"...

Did ya ever notice how we only hear about certain sports when there's controversy? Well I think that they're onto something. Disgraced American cyclist Floyd Landis hasn't given up on dragging people through the mud, most notably Cycling God Lance Armstrong. He came out again this week with a number of emails to the head of USA Cycling, pointing out specific blood doping events that took place in the earlier part of this decade, singling out a number of other cyclists, including Sir Lancelot himself. His statements cited that he and Armstrong discussed using the blood-boosting EPO; he was asked to monitor the temperature of blood kept in a refrigerator inside Armstrong’s apartment in the pro-cycling hotbed of Girona, Spain, for use in transfusions.
Kinda sounds like a shitty episode of "True Blood" doesn't it?? Bottom line is, I'm already bored talking about this sport. Let 'em dope! I'll take it a step further. Steroids? You betcha. Those rail-thin bikers are the only humans who actually don't look disgusting in bike shorts & spandex shirts, so add some HGH to their daily diet. That way they can Hulk up while riding up a hill in France, and by the end of the race, they'll cross through the finish line wearing nothing but ripped purple jean shorts with their skin showing a puke-greenish hue. That's the way to make the sport relevant & popular! Now, you can call me just another ignorant non-cycling fan, but juicing & doping worked for baseball in the late 90's, didn't it? Quasto Knows.

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